Our strategy is to build a diversified asset base, with a focus on gold and other precious metals, by being a preferred partner to operating companies in the global mining industry. In doing so, our goal is to grow our net asset value per share and to generate value for all of our stakeholders over time. Our current long-term strategy is to build upon our significant existing resource base, which we believe offers substantial growth potential through future development of the underlying properties.

We plan to focus on acquiring royalties, streams and similar interests on mines and projects at varying stages of the mine life cycle to build a balanced portfolio offering near, medium, and longer-term growth in underlying net asset value per share. We intend to diversify our existing portfolio by adding additional assets across a range of precious metals mines and projects in the Americas and other jurisdictions around the world as opportunities arise.

As part of our strategy, we expect to utilize a cost-efficient business model by operating with a small, but highly experienced team and calling upon third-party resources to supplement our skill set as opportunities may arise. This strategy should enable us to maintain a high degree of flexibility in our cost structure. We believe it will also help to ensure that our business model is scalable and should allow us to seek new growth opportunities in a cost effective and value enhancing manner.